Field Visitation Policy

    1. All centers must undergo a field visit when first applying for accreditation. Four (4) years after initial accreditation, all centers must be field visited as part of their first re-accreditation process. Any center successfully re-accredited after the first re-accreditation process will then enter an eight (8) year field visit cycle.

    2. The eight (8) year re-accreditation field visit cycle will require that centers submit re-accreditation paperwork in the 4th year of the cycle and will be invoiced for the re-evaluation fee. The Accrediting Board will review the material and if satisfactory, the center will be granted re-accreditation without a field visit. The Accrediting Board can however request that a field visit be conducted if they feel it is warranted based on the paperwork submitted. If this occurs, the center under review will be notified and sent an invoice for the field visit fee.

    3. An Accrediting Board can request that a re-accreditation review with mandatory field visit be conducted if they feel it is warranted based on any paperwork submitted during the 8 year cycle.

    4. On the 8th year of the cycle, each center will complete re-accreditation paperwork, undergo a mandatory field visit; be invoiced for the re-evaluation fee and also be invoiced separately for the field visit fee. Centers are placed into the re-accreditation process based on the date of the last accreditation decision letter they received. For example, if the date of the Approval Letter is April 1, then the center will receive re-evaluation materials on March 1. All re-evaluations are given 4 months to submit the completed application materials.

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